TITAN: New range of vehicles Leciñena.

In our constant commitment to innovation and sustainability, we have launched a new line of vehicles: TITAN . With customers' needs in mind, this range seeks to guide their production towards lighter vehicles to make operations more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of transport.

In collaboration with the Chair of Transport of the University of Zaragoza, our engineering team has managed to develop this new vehicle. The design optimization work, the reduction of thicknesses in production and the use of high yield strength steels have been some of the reasons why it has been possible to create this new line. As a result, they have managed to reduce the weight by more than 1000kgs, or about 25% of the total value, which places them among the lightest on the market.

TITAN allows our customers, among other things, to optimize the loading of vehicles, reducing the trips necessary for the transport of goods and improving the efficiency of the logistics operation. The unladen weight of the vehicle reduces the fuel required, leading to a considerable reduction in the impact of emissions on the environment. This translates into a cut of up to 12% in the carbon footprint.

They are also equipped with a functional bodywork designed to offer greater safety and efficiency. They are equipped with a functional bodywork designed to offer greater safety and efficiency, greater comfort in use and savings in loading and unloading times. An option for customers to enjoy reliable, robust and at the same time light vehicles with which they can make the most of their business.

The TITAN range is available from 14 April 2021, our sales network offers personalised assistance to help customers choose the option that best suits their needs.

We have a long way to go together.


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