We are the official sponsor

of the Spanish Rugby Federation


Official Sponsor

In 2019 the agreement with the Spanish Rugby Federation is closed and Leciñena becomes the official sponsor of the Spanish National Men's Rugby Team XV.

The Spanish Rugby Federation is the body that manages rugby in Spain. It was founded in 1923 in Madrid and its president is Alfonso Feijoo.

The Spanish Rugby Team is the national team that represents the country in official competitions. Managed by the Spanish Rugby Federation, it is known as the XV del León, in reference to the symbol that represents the Federation. 

Leciñena, with this collaboration, shows her support to this sport and to the team of the XVth of Leon and will be present both on and off the field.

Common values

We are proud to be part of and collaborate with a sport that stands out for its values and that is having more and more repercussions in Spain.

Rugby is a sport in which great importance has traditionally been attached to moral values. The official rules of the game are integrated by what is called the "Game Document", aimed at guaranteeing the ethical conduct of all those involved in the game, "both on and off the field". 

From an early age, rugby players are taught a number of positive qualities, such as companionship, honesty, respect, discipline, loyalty, sacrifice and altruism.

Leciñena shares this philosophy and firmly believes that these values are valid for sport as well as for any organization with common objectives

"Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships" - Michael Jordan