Leciñena enters the world of rallying
Leciñena enters the world of Rally

Leciñena enters the world of Rally this year 2020. Last October 23rd and 24th, the Test was disputed for the Rally championship of Europe, Spain and Asturias. We talked to Ignacio Barquin and Jagoba Marquez two young people who decided to enter the world of Rally with the support of Leciñena.

Before the race, they spent two whole months working on the vehicle, taking care of the engine and investing many hours of work every day. Ignacio, a mechanic student at MSI Race Tech specialized in competition mechanics, had the help of his teachers to tune the car with which they would carry out, months later, the competition.

Weeks before the Rally, the preparations and the decoration finished in a workshop in Oviedo, where Leciñena was the main character. This is where he and his co-driver began training. In this way Leciñena enters the world of Rally.

Once arrived on Friday of the weekend of the competition, the verifications and the ceremony of exit were carried out, televised both by the TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias) and, Saturday morning began the Rally. Ignacio and Jagoba started the first stretch, quite comfortable, but a mistake made them have a blow that ended up turning the car over.

"I was very grateful to everyone, but that was as far as we could go," that's how Ignacio defined his experience.

The car with which the drivers participated in the Rally, in collaboration with Leciñena.


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