Leciñena trailers and semi-trailers
Leciñena is committed to innovation in its manufacturing processes

In recent years, Leciñena has made a great commitment to innovation for the development of its products and the improvement and effectiveness of its manufacturing processes.

This great bet is based on the great pillars that structure the company vision of Leciñena Trailer:

Sustainability, innovation and circularity.

Leciñena is constantly working to improve current designs by incorporating new materials and more efficient manufacturing processes.

The most advanced materials on the market are being used, the latest range of steels that provide better characteristics and make it possible to reduce the thickness and improve the weight of the products. As well as other non-metallic materials that are incorporated with the aim of reducing the weight of the final product.

Leciñena is also committed to collaborative work, focusing efforts on reaching agreements with technology centres and universities to cover the needs of complex tests and calculations required by the projects to be developed.

The company is currently working on research projects. In some cases supported by the Centre for Industrial Development (CDTI), which depends on the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Another process that is being carried out in order to be more efficient in the production processes is the creation of more modular and versatile vehicle models.

Leciñena makes this great commitment to innovation with the aim of manufacturing lighter, more efficient and versatile vehicles. In this way we manage to reduce the carbon footprint, both in the manufacturing processes and in its use.

Leciñena's mission is that the products leaving the factories have a long and complete life cycle, including the maximum recovery of their materials when they become obsolete. Thus, promoting innovation and sustainability in all manufacturing processes.

Leciñena Trailer is committed to being the driving force behind change in the sector.

We have a long way to go together!


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