Over 50 years of custom manufacturing

"International references"


Leciñena trailer SL

Leciñena started its activity as a manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers in May 1965. In 1972 we moved to a nearby location where, to date, more than 79,000 vehicles of the widest variety have been manufactured.

In 2017 a change in the company's management took place with the aim of adapting to the new market rules and with a clear vocation for innovation and internationalization.

Leciñena Facilities

Current production and service facilities. Utebo (Zaragoza), Spain.

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The project "IMPROVEMENTS TO TRAILER AND SEMI-TRAILER MANUFACTURING PLANT"developed by Leciñena Trailer S.L., has received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the Financial Support Programme for Reindustrialisation and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness.

(File No: RCI-040000-2018-508.)

  • Manufacturer of truck springs

    Manufacturer of truck springs

  • Manufacturer of components and semi-trailers

    Manufacturer of components and semi-trailers

  • New production centre for axles

    New production centre for axles

  • Manufacture of disc shafts

    Manufacture of disc shafts

  • Aluminum manufacturing


  • ISO9000 Certification

  • ERP PLM Configurator

  • Internationalization

  • Leciñena Trailer SL


Development of new products and adaptation to new trends


Encourage talent and specialization.

Quality and excellence in service

To guarantee quality standards and a personalized service, adapted to the client's needs.

International Strategy

Drive growth in foreign markets, both in Europe and Latin America.


Success based on the team that has guaranteed Leciñena's success over the last 50 years.